Brittany Kelley writes contemporary romance and romantic comedy. She also adores paranormal romance and is a sucker for enemies to lovers, sudden snowstorms, and the horror of only one bed. Brittany is a Round 7 Mentor with Author Mentor Match and is represented by Jessica Watterson at SDLA. 

In her spare time, Brittany is busy wrangling her three children, drinking her sometimes still-hot coffee, playing board games with her husband (and winning), and drinking wine with friends. Oh, and books. All the books.


About Brittany Kelley

After one too many Tinder dates gone south- and not in a good way- Dallas reporter Birdie Crenshaw is done with romance and on a mission to snag the byline of a lifetime. Assigned a fluff piece featuring the last Texas cattle drive, she musters up about as much excitement as she felt the last time a jerk took her out. As if her work life and love life weren’t competing for ‘worst of the year awards,’ the cowboy she’s assigned to profile is rough, rude, and ripped- but that’s beside the point.  

The Journalist: Birdie

With his father’s ailing health, Cal Bergmann is thrust into the driver’s seat to protect the family ranch, which means brushing his father’s history of mismanaged finances under the rug. The last thing Cal needs is a reporter poking around, much less a city girl unable to tell a horse apart from an ass. Even if she’s got the best legs this side of the Mason-Dixon.

The Cowboy: Cal

Forced to team up, the two realize the heat between them is more than just the South Texas sun. But when Birdie stumbles upon the truth about Cal’s father, her puff piece no longer looks so fluffy. With a single story she could nab her headline and secure her place as a serious journalist, or she could give love another shot. 



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